Publications · 20. May 2020
With this letter we would like to inform you about important changes in tax law concerning the payment and collection of due taxes in times of the coronavirus crisis. Extension of the deadline for submitting the payroll tax registration Since the deferral of payroll tax in the сoronavirus period was rejected after initial announcements, the legislator has now created the possibility of extending the deadline for submitting payroll tax registrations. This is an indirect deferral of

Publications · 15. April 2020
Due to the coronavirus crisis, special payments for employees up to an amount of 1,500 Euro will be exempt from tax and social security contributions in 2020. This was announced by the Federal Ministry of Finance on 03.04.2020.

Publications · 07. April 2020
Anyone who has to look after their own children and cannot go to work because of school or kindergarten closure should be protected against excessive loss of income. The Infection Protection Act was amended for this purpose.

Publications · 27. March 2020
In addition to the deferral of due tax payments, social security contributions can now also be deferred up to and including May upon request. The prerequisite for the deferral is that the company has serious payment difficulties due to the сoronavirus crisis or would have such difficulties if the contributions had been collected immediately.

Publications · 21. March 2020
Dear Sirs, with this e-mail we refer to our information letter of yesterday regarding the payment and collection of due taxes and would like to give you an update on the measures of the Federal Ministry of Finance decided on 19.03.2020. In addition to corporation tax and income tax payments, which can be deferred, according to the instructions of the Federal Ministry of Finance, trade tax, VAT and, in justified cases, wage tax payments will also fall due for taxpayers who can be proven to be...

Publications · 19. March 2020
with this letter, we would like to inform you about the measures taken by the German Government concerning the payment and collection of due taxes in times of the coronavirus crisis. The tax office supports companies through the following new regulations ...

Publications · 17. March 2020
Due to the corona virus, the German government has adopted several measures to help companies in this difficult situation to get back on their feet or not to go under. In this e-mail, we would like to explain the first measure "Simplification of the application for short-time allowance" and offer our support in implementing it for your company. Further newsletters will follow shortly, in which we will describe and explain additional measures of the Federal Government.

Publications · 24. February 2020
On July 31, 2020 is the official deadline for filing tax returns for 2019. However, the deadline is a non-renewable period for another important VAT option! Did you buy or produced an item in 2019 that you use both for your business as well for private purposes? If so, the following statements for the assertion of an input tax deduction are very important for you.

Publications · 18. April 2019
Construction withholding tax for construction services and exemption certificate in accordance with § 48b EStG (Income Tax Act)

Publications · 12. April 2019
Soon is the 31st of May again. For the filing of the tax return, this period is no longer decisive. However, the deadline is a non-renewable period for another important VAT option!

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