Our Team

SKS Steuerberatung has positioned itself as a professional service provider and confidant for the SKS clients with the kind of supportive care that goes beyond traditional tax consulting. Traditional tax consulting without taking into account other economic and operational aspects, such as the controlling of individual business units, consulting with respect to strategic concepts and plans as well as performing analyses in order to optimise business management and tax related issues are for our SKS clients the determining factors in opting for a modern tax consultancy approach as offered by SKS.


Our corporate philosophy is based on a lean and streamlined organisational structure, so that SKS clients can benefit from all the advantages of modern tax consulting services along with our SKS client care policy that is comparable to a cooperative partnership. The tax consultants are available for their SKS clients 24 hours a day and seven days a week, if and when special circumstances of our SKS clients so require.


Providing high quality service for the SKS clients is a top priority for SKS Steuerberatung. With its modern human resources policies, above-average salaries and continuing high level professional training, SKS Steuerberatung attracts the most capable and committed employees in the sector. This ensures that our self-imposed high standards of wanting to be among the leading tax consultants in the specific service segment can be permanently maintained.

Dmytro Sonkin

Graduate in Business Administration - Tax Counsel - Managing Partner

Elisabeth Seifert
Graduate in Business Administration - Tax Counsel Partner

Daniel Hofmann
Graduate in Business Administration with a specialization in Taxation. Tax Counsel Partner

Matthias Müller
Graduate in Business Administration with a specialization in Taxation. Tax Counsel Partner

Manuel Wundersee

Graduate in Business Administration with a specialization in Taxation

Tax Advisor

Bianka Berger
Assistant Tax Consultant since 2006, Certified Accounting Specialist since 2010

Alexandra Bläser
Assistant Tax Consultant

Elena Neumann

Ann Becker
Assistant Tax Consultant

Jewgeni Willer
Certified Accounting Specialist

Nelly Ginkel
Accountant, business assistant

Marina Belendir
Qualified Law Firm Manager (SKT)

Darya Shaverneva
Office Administrator

Iryna Babchuk
Bachelor / Master of Arts

Georgiy Demydov
Graduate in Business Administration

Anna Bogdan
Prospective assistant tax consultant

Jeannette Müller

Dorit Küchler
Office Administrator

Nicolle Zeidler

Certified management assistant

Natalia Iavorska
Office Administrator

Olga Kolganova


Philipp Richter

Assistant Tax Consultant

SKS Steuerberater Sonkin, Seifert and Partner mbB

Office Berlin

Phone: +49 30 308 743 74
Fax: +49 30 308 743 75
E-Mail: info@sks-stb.de
SKS Steuerberatung Berlin
Schlüterstraße 38
DE-10629 Berlin

Office Dresden

Phone: +49 351 563 94 00
Fax: +49 351 563 940 99
E-Mail:  info@sks-stb.de
SKS Steuerberatung Dresden
Glacisstraße 4
DE-01099 Dresden

Office Kiew

Fax: +38 44 2878846

E-Mail: info@sks-stb.de


SKS Steuerberatung Kiew

Sholudenko Straße 3

Business-Center “Kubik-2”

UA-04116 Kiew