Consultation for Business Start-Up

When the focus is on the specialised field of starting up a new business, SKS Steuerberatung can offer you particularly extensive expert consultancy skills. SKS Steuerberatung helps you overcome the bureaucratic and organisational barriers and provides competent advice for all questions you come up with for setting up your business. We test your business concept for economic viability and help you choose the legal form most suitable for your undertaking (sole proprietorship, partnership, public limited company etc.). SKS Steuerberatung will create a business plan for you and help you define your products, services and ways to communicate with your clients or customers.


We set up market analyses and give you professional assessments of risks and opportunities. SKS Steuerberatung provides help and promotes start-up businesses by looking after questions relating to taxation, trade law and social security legislation as well as with finding and attracting funding. We support you with financing issues and negotiations with banks and investors. SKS Steuerberatung takes care of the communication and disputes with organisations (IHK-Chamber of Industry and Commerce, Chamber of Trades and Crafts, Berufsgenossenschaft - professional association/German Social Accident Insurance Institution, etc.) and authorities (regulatory agencies, finance authority, public health department, etc.). SKS Steuerberatung also assists you with choosing private provision for accidents, unforeseen events and for old age.


Liquidity is the driving force of every business. Without liquidity, a business cannot undertake capital expenditures or expand its operations in order to maintain or increase its competitive edge. It is here that professional financing advice is necessary in order to provide you with independent counselling about the opportunities offered by financing with your own or with outside resources. With SKS Steuerberatung you will be get an overview of the specific maturity periods that are best suited for specific external funding, for which of the over 1,200 subsidy programmes and loans available in the Federal Republic of Germany or the numerous funding programmes of the EU you are eligible in your region and what the tax implications will be for investment and your company.


SKS Steuerberatung can point to many years of experience in this area and can rely on the network that will make it possible for us to fulfil the counselling requirements for nearly every one of your financing wishes as well as to plan profitable investments that will ensure the strategic success of your business. We are familiar with the demands of investors, partners and banks. No matter whether you want a traditional bank loan, are looking for silent partners, want to set up an employee profit-sharing scheme or are considering realising other financing options such as profit participation certificates, convertible bonds or a bond with warrant, with SKS Steuerberatung you are assured competency to the fullest when it comes to financial consultation.

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