Counseling of individuals

Private Tax Declarations

With the professional support and high service standards of SKS Steuerberatung you will be able to reclaim from the tax authority the optimum amount of the wage tax you paid or pay the smallest possible arrears payment in income tax. Upon request, we can also simply review the input data in your tax declaration for accuracy to avoid having incorrectly stated figures inadvertently lead to troublesome consequences from the tax authority. We will support you in making use of the favourable opportunities for extending the deadline, filing appeals if required, making adjustments to the advance payments or investigating the possibilities of deferring the tax payments. Your private tax declaration is in competent hands with SKS Steuerberatung.

We offer our service for private tax return to English speaking people as well.

Conceptual Consulting

We prepare your cash income statement not only in accordance with the principle of income and expenditure, but also by reviewing to look for exceptions such as the allocation of regularly recurring revenues at the fiscal year change or of depreciable investments to movable assets.

Financing Consultation

SKS Steuerberatung will analyse your annual financial statements and other business-related particulars and determine your starting point. We create strategies for the permanent improvement of your company’s results.

Corporate Succession

The rapidly changing economic and fiscal landscape challenges the entrepreneur to make flexible decisions. Corporate restructuring is one of the strategic concepts encountered by business management.

Consultation in Cases of Legal Disputes

When there are differences between the tax assessment issued by the tax authority and the one that has been submitted or there is disagreement with respect to a company audit, you can take recourse to various kinds of appeal. From appeals against decisions to filing ...

Business and Management Consulting

The business community finds itself challenged by the ever-increasing requirements caused by economic, social and technological changes. The growing pressure of competition and rationalisation and the globalisation of markets increase the uncertainty, the complexity ...

Accounting & Bookkeeping

Design an accounting system that follows the highest standards with help from SKS Steuerberatung. We monitor and analyse your internal bookkeeping and accounting and provide you with ideas and suggestions for continuous improvement and the designing of a precise and ...

Consultation for Business Start-Up

When the focus is on the specialised field of starting up a new business, SKS Steuerberatung can offer you particularly extensive expert consultancy skills. SKS Steuerberatung helps you overcome the ...

Inheritance - Gifts and Endowments

The transfer of assets to the next generation is increasingly becoming a macroeconomic issue. In the next few years, Germans will become a nation of heirs. In 2013, 233 billion euros were bequeathed and the estimated figure for 2020 is close to 330 billion euros.


The Real Estate Sector

The investment in fixed assets in Germany demonstrates the significance of the housing and real estate business. The gross fixed (tangible) assets invested in “Property and Housing” consists of more than seven billion euros, which corresponds to roughly half of the entire gross fixed assets.

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