Business and Management Consulting

The business community finds itself challenged by the ever-increasing requirements caused by economic, social and technological changes. The growing pressure of competition and rationalisation and the globalisation of markets increase the uncertainty, the complexity, the information expenditure and the level of responsibility for the decision maker. With SKS Steuerberatung you receive first-class external business and management consulting. This ranges from organisational consultation, budgetary accounting and forecasting techniques including financial results projections or liquidity planning right up to enterprise value determination and the preparation of business plans.


SKS Steuerberatung supports you in managing your business by providing extensive business analyses for all your business processes and related questions as well as for your organisational and entrepreneurial decisions. We keep the success of your business in mind as we provide you with professional advice in all phases from the founding right up to your succession planning.

SKS picks up where traditional tax consultancy services leave off!

Establishing and Developing Reporting and Information Systems

Detailed operational information is an important tool in the decision-making process of modern entrepreneurship. Create your own information advantage with precise controlling and supervision. SKS Steuerberatung will set up an optimal reporting and information system for your business. The ease of use and the multitude of evaluation options will ensure that you have a definite edge on information for strategic and operational decisions for your company.

Financial Planning, Profitability Planning and Liquidity Planning

Entrepreneurial success can be planned. The rapid changes in the economy, in society and in technology make flexible planning for the various business areas an absolute necessity. SKS Steuerberatung will carry out cost accounting and profitability calculations for you as well as look after financial restructuring, devise models for splitting operations, business plans and will provide you with strategy counselling such as liquidity, financing and investment planning.

Consultation with Business Plans

SKS Steuerberatung provides support for you as you establish your business plans with respect to new business start-up grants, development (promotion) and guarantor banks, business partners, investors and with respect to your corporate guidelines. The business plan will serve as a feasibility study, information document and strategy paper for the company. With the right business plan, expensive errors can sometimes be eliminated from the onset, funding and subsidies can be put to optimal use and the entrepreneurial success firmly established through conceptual design and strategy. Dispense with business plan models and design a precise, individual and effective business plan with the help of SKS Steuerberatung.

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