Accounting & Bookkeeping

Accounting Checks and Balances

Design an accounting system that follows the highest standards with help from SKS Steuerberatung. We monitor and analyse your internal bookkeeping and accounting and provide you with ideas and suggestions for continuous improvement and the designing of a precise and healthy set of figures. Avoid surprises when the time arrives for a company audit or during the preparation of annual financial statements by performing regular accounting checks and balances and by optimising your accounting system.

Fixed Assets Accounting

The accounting for fixed assets sheds even more light on the status and extent of your tangible or fixed assets. It provides additional support in the compilation of your annual financial statements when it comes to determining the advisability of taking advantage of depreciation and write-downs and the related structuring options. Within the concept of operational accounting, fixed assets accounting helps to identify key values for cost accounting and calculation. It provides information as to whether certain assets are underinsured or overinsured. SKS Steuerberatung recommends that an asset analysis be performed not only for public limited companies, but also for sole proprietorships and partnerships. The fixed assets movement schedule is practically the balance sheet for fixed assets accounting.

Establishment and Maintenance of Internal Accounting Systems

The internal accounting system must be tailored exactly to the requirements of the company. The accounting system should provide all the necessary information for the company’s diverse business divisions. Simplicity of use, secure data storage, flexibility, processing speed and adaptability are prerequisites for a perfectly functioning system. Analyses and reports of the financial accounting figures influence the decision-making process for entrepreneurial activities. They enable you to stay informed and up to date about all areas of operation.

Cost Accounting and Results Accounts

The figures of your cost and results accounting provide you with information regarding the business and management situation, the profitability of projects, construction sites, departments or subsidiaries and also the possibilities of optimising the cost factors. With cost and results accounting you can eliminate unnecessary expenses compared with your competitors in the sector. Personnel expenditures are considered to be the fundamental expenditures of a company or business and an employee effectiveness analysis will show you the strengths and weaknesses in your staff.

Compilation of VAT and Wage Tax Returns and Social Security Deductions

SKS Steuerberatung will prepare your monthly or quarterly declarations and take into account the current fiscal developments. We also advise you with respect to matters relating to tax and social security legislation when it comes to full or part-time as well as casual or temporary employees and trainees or student apprentices.

Ongoing Financial and Wage Accounting (EDP-supported)

With our EDP-supported collection and processing of their data, our SKS clients receive timely notifications with respect to tax regulations and provisions as well as for tax planning. Our SKS clients are provided with concepts and solution approaches to optimise their financial and wage accounting. The payment of wages and salaries represents a substantial area of concern for a company or business and errors can have a negative effect on the company or business as well as the employee. With a review and evaluation of your figures you will be able to react on short notice to our tax and business management related suggestions.


Accounting is more than the fulfilment of legal bookkeeping requirements and mandatory accounting: it is also an important element of the operational management process. SKS Steuerberatung therefore not only takes on your financial and wage accounting, but also supports you with professional expertise when it comes to the continuous recording of all your business transactions as well as the development of the various business management areas by means of detailed analyses. You thus receive an effective basis for your business related decision-making processes. The monthly maintaining of asset accounting and exact accrual of year-to-year or month-to-month expenses, such as for example, changes in inventory, will provide you with an exact image of your company; it is also a positive signal for your bank.

SKS picks up where traditional tax consultancy services leave off!

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