Payment and collection of due taxes in times of the coronavirus crisis

Dear Sirs,
with this e-mail we refer to our information letter of yesterday regarding the payment and collection of due taxes and would like to give you an update on the measures of the Federal Ministry of Finance decided on 19.03.2020.
In addition to corporation tax and income tax payments, which can be deferred, according to the instructions of the Federal Ministry of Finance, trade tax, VAT and, in justified cases, wage tax payments will also fall due for taxpayers who can be proven to be directly and significantly affected by the crisis.
According to the instructions of the Federal Ministry of Finance, the deferral interest is not to be charged. No strict requirements are to be set when reviewing the conditions for deferral.
If you wish to defer these additional taxes, please send us a short message. We will be happy to support you!
Stay healthy!

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